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About Orange Sapphire

When thinking of sapphires, most people think of the beautiful rich blues that we see most often in jewelry. The orange sapphire, while less well known and much more rare, is just as beautiful and comes in many different shades of orange. Sapphire is the second hardest material after diamonds on the hardness scale, and though found most commonly in jewelry, these precious gems are used in many various applications from lasers to watches. Orange Padparadsha sapphire often sells for more than the well-known blue due to being the rarest type of sapphire there is. You can find the Padparadscha stone in many styles of jewelry from an orange sapphire ring to orange sapphire bracelets. Many of the pieces come with appraisals and certificates of authenticity. There are even options to buy loose stones to create your own one of a kind piece. Save time and gas by having your items shipped directly to your door from any of the reliable eBay sellers’ stores.