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About Optimus Primes

One shall stand, and one shall fall. The iconic words of the Transformer Optimus Prime before his last battle with the evil Decepticon leader Megatron are stamped in the memories of a generation of kids. "The Transformers" was one of the most popular cartoon shows of the 1980s, and Michael Bay's series of film remakes inspired a whole new generation of fans. Because of the show's enormous popularity, Transformers Optimus Prime toys and collectibles are still highly prized by fans and collectors alike. A masterpiece Optimus Prime from the 20th anniversary of the show can be worth a pretty penny and sells for many times its original value. A leader class Optimus Prime designed after the most recent movies is a good candidate for a future collectible, so keep yours in mint condition and store it away for the future. Whether you seek new or used Optimus Prime figures and collectibles, you can find a great range from a huge number of sellers on eBay.