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About Optical Splitters

Your entertainment center has multiple audio devices, but just one sound bar that causes you to hook it to a different source each time you use it. Without an optical splitter, this is your reality each day. This splitter allows you to connect a receiver, cable box and even a DVD player all at once to a sound bar or other home theater device using an optical cable. Some optical cable splitter devices have a switch, allowing you to choose each source when you are ready to use it. This makes transitioning from the DVD player to the cable box easy. The fiber optic splitter usually has only two or three inputs and just one output. However, some devices allow you to use the device in the opposite way, where you have one input and two to three outputs. In addition to the splitter, some of the reliable sellers on eBay also include the optical cables with your purchase. Before purchase of your optical splitter, make sure you have enough of the correct audio cables.

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