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About Opal Rings

Famous author Sir Walter Scott ruined the reputation of the opal for many years. Once his novel, “Anne of Geuerstein,” was published, the demand for an opal ring or other pieces of jewelry plummeted because this stone was considered bad luck. Thankfully, today most people recognize the beauty of the gem rather than holding any negative ideas about it. However, this one event was not the only time the opal has been believed to have magical powers. In medieval times, blond women wore the stone to keep their hair from fading. Wearing a beautiful gold or white ring also symbolized fidelity while a fire opal ring provided therapy for eye diseases. The most rare of colors for this gem are red, orange, and violet, so finding such a vintage opal ring makes you lucky indeed. Check out reliable sellers on eBay to see the variety available. Whether you are a collector of vintage pieces or prefer a brand new ring, the opal offers several exquisite cuts and colors to grace your hand.