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About Opal Jewelry

Shimmering, rippling, and revealing gorgeous iridescent colors at every touch of light: there is no precious gemstone quite as uniquely lovely as opal jewelry. This semi-precious gemstone is formed when silicon dioxide molecules are forced into closely packed planes, creating thousands of reflective layers that refract light in sparkling hues of red, green, orange, purple, and many more, dancing against an intense blue or black backdrop. Black opal jewelry is particularly valued for its intense coloration that can remind the viewer of swirling galaxies. This semi-precious gemstone has been valued for centuries, and beautiful antique opal jewelry offers the opportunity to wear a piece of the past as well as a gorgeous gemstone. Of course, the trusted sellers on eBay can provide you with information on these lovely pieces' histories and care tips. Opal jewelry is an investment, but one that keeps the wearer smiling for years at their unique and colorful piece.