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About Opal - Jewelry & Watches

It sparkles and shines like no other gemstone, and yet opal is not truly even classified as a mineral. It is a unique combination of silicone and water, making it a mineraloid. How refreshing. This may account for the stone’s unique ability to be both inspiring and soothing at once. In fact, some believe that wearing opal enhances creativity and memory. It is also believe to open the heart to love. Likewise, set in a precious metal, an opal ring is a beautifully modern engagement alternative to diamonds. On eBay you can find gifts for any occasion, including opal earrings and pendants. Imagine the light in your little girl’s eyes when she unwraps her first piece of grown up jewelry. And won’t your wife to happy when you surprise her with a little something, just because. Perhaps the best thing about it is the seemingly endless varieties. You can find one in every color of the rainbow and, sometimes, you’ll find one with every color of the rainbow. There is nothing quite like the radiant stone, which makes them a unique choice for yourself or a loved one.