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About Oneida Community Tudor Plates

Once collected by future homemakers piece by piece so they could set their holiday tables, Oneida silver plated flatware is now collected by lovers of vintage home furnishings who like to hold pieces of the past. Oneida Community Tudor plate has its roots in the 19th-century utopian Oneida community of upstate New York. The company still exists as Oneida Ltd., a name synonymous with stainless steel flatware. Some patterns in the Tudor Plate line, such as 1946's Queen Bess, were collected with Betty Crocker coupons that were product premiums. Now Queen Bess is popular with flatware collectors. Other patterns include the art deco styled Friendship from the 1930s, Royal York, Dutchess, and Bridal Wreath. Find a complete set, a single spoon, or an engraved baby cup or child's spoon that once was a treasured family keepsake. A vast inventory on eBay offers Oneida Community Tudor plates for the antique lover and casual collector alike.

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