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About One Dollar Coin

After taking a break from dollar coin production due to metal shortages and high bullion prices, the United States Mint resumed production of one dollar coins in 1971, filling the long void of one dollar circulated currency left after production of the Peace dollar ended in 1935. While each coin in this series is unique, the 1971 one dollar coin is particularly special. This coin celebrates the life of President Eisenhower, who died in 1969. In tribute to Eisenhower, Congress instructed the Mint to produce this commemorative coin with an image of the late president. Whether you are an avid coin collector, or just an Eisenhower fanatic, you can find this coin, new or used, on eBay to add to your collection. History buffs, however, will have trouble stopping there. In addition to past presidents, one dollar coins commemorate special national events, presidents, and iconic figures, including Sacajawea and the Olympic Games. The stunning 1976 one dollar coin is another great find, certainly worthy of a mantle display. This coin celebrates American hero Susan B. Anthony, and marks the last production year of the dollar coin series.