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About Omega Speedmasters

Omega Speedmasters not only keep accurate time at Olympic Games and racing circuits, but they are also destined for greater things. They are the chronograph of choice for ace pilots, race car drivers, and sportsmen, and are best known as the timepiece of astronauts. In this role, Omega Professional Speedmasters are the gold standard: they were the first watch on the moon. In a new century, they are still the only watch approved for spacewalks and moonwalks. Even though they are strong enough to survive the extremes of space, Speedmasters never forgets their racing roots, so there are Omega Racing Speedmasters for all automobile enthusiasts to celebrate different motorsports. They may have gone to the moon, as well as the south and north poles, but you can always find these luxury watches among the wide selection of Omega Speedmasters offered by reputable sellers on eBay. For the pleasure of wearing an iconic timepiece and an accurate chronograph, you cannot beat the Speedmaster.