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About Omega Pocket Watches

The maker of the first watch on the Moon, as well as the official supplier of watches for the U.S. army in 1918, Omega was initially born out of the small work desk of the Swiss founder Louis Brandt in 1848. Brandt's main occupation was assembling pocket watches and after the expansion of his business, Omega pocket watches were sold throughout Europe with Omega eventually becoming the watchmaking giant. You can find a vast inventory of Omega pocket watches on eBay. Pocket watches have a certain charm about them as they remind you of an era when wristwatches were not yet introduced. Initially worn on clothing or as necklaces, these little time clocks took on a more slender shape to accommodate working timekeepers who liked to keep them handy in their pockets. Collect vintage Omega watches and marvel at the intricate mechanisms of these ancient time keeping devices. You can find antique Omega gold pocket watches as well as silver plated additions. Watches with chains add to the innate charm of these devices.

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