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About Omega Geneve

You check the time far more often than necessary, but your Omega Geneve watch is a piece of eye candy that is hard to resist. Popular with both men and women around the world, the watches first appeared in 1953 to honor the city of Geneve, Switzerland, the birthplace of Omega watches. Geneve watches are certified chronometers, which means they display seconds as well as minutes with premium accuracy. Movement testing takes place over several days at different positions and at different temperatures. The watches are available with manual winding or as automatic, self-winding models. Yellow, pink, or white gold perfectly accent simple dials that are usually black, white, or beige, and women's watches sometimes feature diamonds. Most Omega Geneve watches are round, but some designs are square with rounded edges. Personal style is important, and the large inventory on eBay includes numerous possibilities to ensure you find the perfect fit. You deserve incomparable accuracy with a bit of flair to keep you on track, and the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games is up to the challenge.