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About Omega Dynamic

Over its long history, different lines of Omega watches have come and gone, leaving indelible marks on the design and style of this elite timekeeping company. The Omega Dynamic line, produced from 1968 until 1997, is one such example of timeless style and changing times that true collectors and Omega fans continue to own, wear, and love. Designed to embody its name, the elliptical shape of the Omega Dynamic watch case conforms to the curvature of the wrist in an attempt to create a look of "aerodynamic flow" specifically geared towards the tastes of younger customers. During each decade of its production, the look of this watch changed slightly to accommodate the generation's preferences. One noticeable difference is the changing options for Omega Dynamic straps. Although this element was always interchangeable, thanks to a small key, different materials, metals, and colors came about in each decade in an attempt to match with the mood of the times. In addition, in its last generation, Omega produced a second, Chronograph version of the Dynamic. Since the company no longer produces it, vintage Omega Dynamic watches are the connoisseur's only choice; and they are easy to find on eBay. Style is not always about what is new and "hip," but rather a merging of modern sensibilities with classic designs. The Dynamic line of Omega watches offer users just such an experience in beautiful vintage form that is still quite modern.