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About Olly Moss

"Pokemon" and "The Dark Night" seem to be about as far away from each other as possible. However, they have a common link: Olly Moss. The graphic designer also produces work as an illustrator and painter, with an expansive repertoire covering many disciplines. He is best known for his posters, which chronicle movie and game releases, as well as characters, from popular series. Olly Moss' "Pokemon" posters, for example, depict the beloved characters as cute and lovable animals, not too far away from kittens in many cases. Moss' "The Dark Night" series, on the other hand, is dark and foreboding, a fitting accompaniment to Heath Ledger's classic role as the Joker. Many other series fall within Moss' purvey, including "Game of Thrones," "Breaking Bad," and more. You can find plenty of his work in the large inventory on eBay. In addition to graphic design, Moss is known as an active figure in the gaming world, recently founding his own game studio. Olly Moss is also well-respected for his work with Empire magazine, a publication that frequently features new creations that range from the aesthetic to the political in motivation. An Olly Moss poster makes the perfect addition to any contemporary living or social space.