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About Oldsmobile Aurora

The Oldsmobile Aurora was a luxurious four-door sedan that became the flagship of the company after it launched in 1995. It boasted front wheel drive, a V8 engine, and excellent handling. GM introduced a V6 version of the Aurora from 2001 to 2003, when they stopped making all of the Auroras. The V6s were for customers looking for a more fuel-efficient luxury car. The Aurora could have a four-speed automatic transmission with performance algorithm shifting or a six-speed manual transmission. It also had dual-zone climate control, driver and front passenger airbags, genuine walnut interior accents, and a six speaker sound system with a CD and cassette player. The Oldsmobile Aurora seats only came in leather, with power front seats. An onboard computer that displayed the date, current gas consumption, and other information was standard as well. Consumers could also add heated seats or a power sunroof. In 1996, Oldsmobile updated the keyless entry system and added an optional 12 disc CD changer. The OnStar navigation system became an option in 1998. You can use the reliable sellers on eBay to find a great deal on a used Oldsmobile Aurora, as well as a wide selection of Oldsmobile Aurora parts and accessories.