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About Olds 455

Big-block engines and muscle cars were a match made in heaven, and the Oldsmobile 442 was no exception. You can get a part of that legendary 442 performance with an Olds 455 under the hood. With a wide selection of used, rebuilt, and new production Olds 455 engines on eBay, your road to muscle car power begins on eBay. Beginning in 1970, the four-barrel, four-speed, twin exhaust Oldsmobile received the largest V8 engine available in a high-performance car with the 365 horsepower, 500 lb.-foot torque 455 cubic inch motor. Want to up the ante on your need for speed? An upgraded set of Olds 455 heads can improve the performance of your 455. Cylinder heads cast from virgin A356 aluminum and heat-treated to spec are available for high-performance power. Aluminum cylinder heads can improve horsepower by dropping the weight and temperature of iron heads and increase compression, leading to a 100-plus increase in horsepower. Realize your muscle car dreams with an Olds 455 dropped into your rear-wheel racer.

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