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About Old Windows

Over time, a house becomes a home with rickety doors, old windows, and lots of history. Architectural elements of older homes, in particular, have great value. Our modern technologies make construction and houses more efficient, but at the cost of a master craftsman's sense of style. The trend is to preserve some of this history and help the environment by reusing these architectural elements. Preserve the classic styles found in Art Deco, Victorian homes, and even mid-century modern homes, by installing vintage and antique windows, and doors. Consider the beauty of an old stained glass window as the morning sun shines through pieces of colored glass painstakingly cut and placed by hand. Even small stained glass windowpanes are available at affordable prices through eBay. Old window frames, sashes, and locks with a centuries-old patina on them make lovely touches found throughout the home. Find a huge inventory of these beautiful home accents from dependable eBay sellers, with available shipping options for even the largest sizes.