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About Old Tins

Old tins are popular among collectors, and they are also great for storing small items such as buttons, tacks, and spare change. Many old tins come in vivid colors with bold lettering or graphics, so there is no mistaking what was originally stored inside. Everything from hard candies to spices and songbird food was sold in tins, many of which are perfect for display today. Some are even in pristine condition. Old spice tins originally carried turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, or dry mustard. Some pepper tins feature a shaker top for use at the table. Collectors look for old tobacco tins, which sometimes feature vivid graphics such as a rooster and rays of the sun, or an image of a jockey on a horse. You can collect an entire assortment of tins, in groupings based on product type or color, to create an attractive shelf display. No matter what types of old tins you like best, reliable sellers on eBay offer an abundant, ever-changing selection that is bound to pique your interest.