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About Old Microphone

Remembering the old microphones of the past may bring to mind Johnny Carson's prop on "The Tonight Show's" desk, the bullet intercom mic that was used to page Ferris Bueller to no avail, or Bob Barker's mile-long mic. An old microphone is sure to bring back those memories and even create new ones. There is a large inventory of vintage old microphones available on eBay. They range from the mid-century boom mounted RCAs to the large, chrome, deco bullet or pill designed microphones. Some are rare and can feature maker's labels and matching stands. Some vintage microphones are in working condition or have been restored. Unused new old stock such as the 1960s to 1980s era mics come complete with metal finish, mesh, and cords, in the original boxes. The inoperable ones are still a collectible work of art and history. The old radio microphones would make a great addition to a studio or personal collection, and would be a great collectible for lovers of old school radio and music paraphernalia.