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About Oil Transfer Pump

To save a little money, you have decided to perform your vehicle's oil changes at home. To easily complete the job, you need an oil transfer pump from the large inventory available on eBay. Fuel oil transfer pumps can be used for a variety of maintenance tasks on your vehicle, and many models utilize a suction pump to draw out the liquids. To perform an oil change, you insert the suction tube through the dipstick bore. Most oil transfer pumps include all of the necessary items to drain the oil, including the pump, suction hose, discharge hose, and snap rings. Electric oil transfer pump sizes vary with some operating with a 12-volt battery and others using 110-volt power, in which case, you need an available outlet to operate the pump. The 110-volt units can typically pump 16 gallons per minute and many feature a 3/4 horsepower motor. An oil transfer pump makes it easy to drain your oil and safely transfer it to a waste container outside of the vehicle, so you can save money by performing your own oil changes at home.