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About Oil on Canvas

The old Masters used oil on canvas art to produce the luscious images of the Renaissance paintings portraying their clients, famous people, landscapes, and scenes from history or mythology. Oil paints, unlike other media, do not actually dry. While an oil painting may feel dry to the touch, the paint cures on the canvas, taking up to a year or more for the volatiles to evaporate out of the paint. Modern formulations include faster curing oil paints, but artists who work in oils must allow sufficient time for the paint to cure before presenting their creations to buyers. Art enthusiasts and collectors look to the myriad of listings on eBay for new art and artists as well as vintage and antique oil on canvas paintings. The reliable sellers provide a variety of mediums for the collector, from super realism to folk to abstract oil on canvas paintings. No matter what your art preferences may be, the clear images and descriptions make it easy to select an oil on canvas art piece to add to your collection.