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About Oil Filter Wrench

With the buildup of slick oil and old grease on the oil filter, removing an old oil filter with your bare hands can seem like a futile task. Instead of fumbling around under the car trying to get a good grip, an oil filter wrench fits securely around the filter to loosen its hold. The various types of wrenches include chain-type, strap-type, socket-type, and claw-type. Some attach to socket wrenches, while others have their own handles. A universal oil filter wrench fits around the entire filter and tightens on it to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes. Other brand-specific models, such as a Toyota or Honda oil filter wrench, work only with specific makes and models of vehicles. In addition to removing the filter, the wrench allows you to tighten the oil filter to create a strong seal, which reduces leakage. Find an oil filter wrench to use on your next oil change by shopping the large selection available on eBay. You can skip the bad coffee and old magazines in your mechanic's waiting room by attempting a basic oil change on your own with the proper tools.