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About Oil Catch Cans

Like all mechanical contraptions, your vehicle needs oil to keep the moving parts running smoothly, but that oil can also cause a few problems. Oil catch cans prevent the harmful buildup of oil in the intake manifold, turbocharger, pipes, and intercooler so that you can get the most out of your vehicle's performance parts. A quality oil catch can also prevents oil from entering the pressured turbo piping that could lead to detached couplers. Several brands of catch cans are available among the vast inventory on eBay. Mishimoto oil catch cans solve the problem caused by oil vapors getting into the intake system and lowering combustion temperatures, which in turn reduces the overall efficiency of your vehicle. The brand's baffled oil catch cans feature a special inlet pattern that allows oil to condense and the internal baffle makes sure that no oil escapes even when you take corners at high speed. Once you install oil catch cans, be sure to maintain them by replacing the single-unit filters so you can have the dynamic performance you expect from your vehicle.