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About Ohio Art

If you think back to your childhood, to a time before you knew what a smartphone was, you probably spent a good deal of time trying to draw pictures of cats or sofas using an Etch A Sketch. This is just one of the many classic toys produced by the Ohio Art Company, founded in 1908 in Bryan, Ohio. But the company is also specializes in metal lithography for items like food containers, and their expertise in this area can be seen in their toys as well, like the now antique Ohio Art tin tea sets they produced in the 1950s. Buyers looking for vintage toys like the Ohio Art Farm Set or Watering Can find these and a wide selection of others in lightly used to never-opened condition from a number of dependable sellers on eBay. And whatever your need for Ohio Art products, whether new or used, these sellers always provide reliable and convenient shipping options so you get your product right when you expect it.