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About Offset Rims

Add some offset rims to your ride and turn heads as you cruise down the road. The rims contain a hub mounting surface on the street side to give them a unique look. The rims come in all sizes, for instance you can find 15-inch offset rims or 16-inch offset rims depending on your exact needs. Chrome, aluminum, and steel are typically used in the production of the wheels, but the options do not end here. You can find them finished in satin black and even shiny gold for a flashier touch. The rims have different spoke styles and patterns, including mesh and maze along with exotic designs. You can also find the matching lug nuts or interchangeable wheel covers when you want to change up the look of your wheels. Two-tone rims are another option if you want an even bolder look. This includes black with red or silver with black lips. With a large inventory of offset rims on eBay, you can give your vehicle the custom look you have always wanted.