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About Odyssey White Ice Putters

You may never make it out on tour with Nick Faldo and other top golfers, but that does not mean you cannot improve your game by using their equipment. Since 2007, one-third of the golfers who have won majors did so with an Odyssey putter in hand, so you can look like a pro with an Odyssey White Ice putter. The Odyssey White Ice 1 putter is a popular option. It is a Golf Digest Hot List putter. By reducing the weight of the putter, Odyssey managed to shift the center of gravity back, which improves the ball's roll. The Odyssey White Ice 9 putter is also popular. Odyssey originally made the putter head shape for Phil Mickelson so he could use it on the PGA Tour. The putter performed so well that Odyssey added it to its line of prestigious putters. You can find a new or used Odyssey White Ice putter through the immense selection on eBay so you can finally find out what all of the fuss is about. Once you start playing with an Odyssey putter, do not be surprised if the rest of your foursome thinks you started taking lessons.

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