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About Odyssey Metal x Putters

Don't you hate it when your golf ball skitters out of control instead of smoothly rolling into the hole? With that in mind, Callaway Golf created the Odyssey Metal-X putter. According to the company, this particular putter combines a metal surface with a urethane inner layer to achieve a more consistent roll by taking advantage of the ball's dimples to increase its topspin. This means that you are more in control of your golf ball regardless if you are putting near or far from your target. On eBay, in particular, you can find a broad selection of brand new and pre-owned Odyssey Metal-X putters that may just be what you need to improve your game. Whether you are in the market for an Odyssey Metal-X Rossie or a Dart putter, reliable sellers normally have a couple of Odyssey putters from the Metal-X family in stock. Regardless if you're a casual or professional player, the Odyssey Metal-X putter may just be what you need to surprise everyone the next time you play.

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