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About Ocean

When you select a stone for your jewelry, why not choose one with a meaning as deep as the ocean? Also called the Atlantis Stone, the Ocean Jasper symbolizes strength and renewal with soothing spherical patterns throughout its design. Wear it in a necklace to remind you to be patient and giving to others. Many have thought it to have mystical powers and that it can help you learn about past lives. The stone is rare, which makes it a great find for collectors. Because it is only found along the coast of Madagascar, it is difficult to access and ship. While you often see the deep blue of the stone, it also comes in other background colors such as cream, green, brown, and even red and yellow. The patterns are also usually variations of the main color. Look for new and used stones from reliable sellers on eBay. Though many of them are imitations, these pieces offer the same beauty of the original stone. Wear a beautiful jewel as elegant and mysterious as the ocean itself.