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Shop the large inventory of rocks, fossils, and minerals and other loose Obsidian stones!

About Obsidian

Want an ornament that sparkles in bright light or silver moonlight? Obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass, always exudes beauty whether you use it as a paperweight or wear it as an exquisite piece of jewelry. You can buy large pieces of rough obsidian to make your own jewelry, arrowheads, or spheres, or simply marvel at the rock?s beauty as a standalone piece of art. New pieces of obsidian are available from reliable sellers on eBay in both rough and smooth condition. You can also find arrowheads and jewelry items. More than just the plain black style of obsidian is available as well. Depending on the way you cut the rock, you can get several different variations of obsidian that glisten and excite. Rainbow, gold/pink, gold/mahogany, silver sheen, snowflake, crystal heart, and several other color combinations are available. If you are looking for a statement piece for your office, home, or jewelry collection, obsidian will delight you with all of its color options and available forms.