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About Obey Shirts

One way people like to express themselves is by wearing t-shirts that match their personalities. The Obey shirt comes in many different designs so that people of all personality types have something to choose from. These include a simple logo and psychedelic tie-dye designs in bright colors with the company?s name on it. The clothing line came into being as a showcase for the art, design, and ideals of Shepard Fairey, beginning with a 1989 sticker that he created while studying at design school. You can typically find skateboarders or punk rockers wearing Obey shirts they found on eBay, but the brand is making large strides into mainstream fashion. Teens like the designs because they are edgy and expressive. Adults like the designs because they are artistic and even pretty. You can turn a fun Obey shirt into a flirty date night outfit with the right accessories. Although the brand targeted the alternative crowd, everyday consumers find the clothing comfortable, and they want to work it into their wardrobe too. With such diversity of designs, you?ll be able to find your perfect style.