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About Obey

After hitting the local mall, you decide that you need your wardrobe to contain styles of clothing that are more raw, perhaps with an urban feel. One company worth looking into is Obey. Obey was originally started as a viral sticker campaign in 1989 by designer Shepard Fairey, but has since grown into a massive urban brand sporting an innumerable amount of designs. Obey clothing is recognized for its urban art feel, with many graphic tees and other urban-wear being available. Obey is known for connecting with various artists, and the result is a huge ensemble of delightfully artistic clothing. If you are looking to express yourself through your T-shirts, an Obey shirt is the way to go. Or, for something warmer, choose an Obey hoodie. You can find a huge inventory of Obey clothing available on eBay from one of the many reliable sellers. Pick out some Obey clothing that suits your style and add a bit of flare to your wardrobe.