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About OBD2 Scanner

Starting in 1996, the United States required that all cars and light passenger trucks sold be OBD2 compliant. This means that your OBD2 scanner is capable of plugging into any make and model vehicle to diagnose potential problems. These scanners are also great for giving cars inspections, such as emissions tests. That does not mean that the software for your particular OBD2 scanner works on every make and model. If you own a Toyota you must look for a Toyota OBD2 scanner on eBay. The goes for those that own a BMW, Volvo, or other make of car. Some companies produce high-quality diagnostics scanners that have software for thousands of vehicle models. These are preferred tools for professionals, so they can use the same system as a Toyota, Volvo, or BMW OBD2 scanner. No matter what model shows up in the shop, the mechanic has the software available to diagnose it. Manufacturer specific scanners are less expensive and great choices for the DIY vehicle owner. When the little red engine light goes off in your dashboard, an OBD2 scanner helps you figure out why.