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About Oasis - Music

They may have made a name for themselves with their particular brand of brotherly love — full of tension and sometimes, outright brawls — but Noel and Liam Gallagher have created some of the greatest music to emerge from the 1990s. Oasis remain Britpop icons, and the vast inventory on eBay includes everything you need to add to your music collection. If you are just getting started, copies of 1994's "Definitely Maybe" and its equally brilliant follow-up "(What's the Story?) Morning Glory," in vinyl or on CD, are essentials. If you are a die-hard Oasis fan on the hunt for collectibles, keep an eye out for treasures such as the DJ promo release of "Wonderwall," the 1994 "Shakermaker" single on a 12-inch LP, or one of the double LPs to come out of the first pressing of "Definitely Maybe," featuring a gate fold cover. Meanwhile, a 3-inch CD featuring "Don't Go Away" and released only in Japan is as rare as it gets. Collect these gems before they disappear like a champagne supernova in the sky.

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