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About Oakley Ten

When you want eyewear with the highest scores, opt for the Oakley Ten. These shades come from world-renowned eyewear designer Oakley, which produces sturdy and rugged outdoor-oriented eyewear for men and women. These shades feature titanium arms, nose bridges, and frames. They feature folding arms, like most sunglasses, that have slight inward curves, keeping the glasses securely on your head. Although these shades lack nose clips that you find on reading glasses and some casual eyewear, they have frames with thick materials around the inner eye, which helps keep the glasses in place. This collection includes polarized sunglasses, which offer substantial protection against harmful UV sunlight. Polarization works by diverting light beams, breaking up intense beams of light into fragments that diffuse over a wider surface area. These lenses come in various shades, ranging from orange to light brown and dark purple; the darker the shade, the more UV protection glasses afford. Oakley Ten features glasses with broader frames and more linear designs for men, and offers smaller oval-shaped glasses with curving frames for women. The large inventory on eBay lets you search for these glasses, as well as parts and accessories, like cases and lenses, for all of your eyewear needs.