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About Oakley Straight Jacket

If you need the world's approval before you make a style choice, Oakley Straight Jacket shades are not for you. These sunglasses are for independent thinkers that want to define their look. They combine aggressive design with innovative technology that focuses on light rays. The optimized lenses feature a permanent coating, Oakley HYDROPHOBIC, which ensures they stay smudge free by resisting sunscreens, lotions, and the natural oils in your skin. These modern lenses even repel dirt and dust. Along with the sharp optics, this means that you get an uninterrupted view with unbeatable clarity. With 100 percent filtering of UVA, UVB, and UVC light, the shades also keep your eyes protected. Straight Jacket frames use soft unobtainium components that increase grip even when you perspire, making them ideal for hot summer days. For comfort all day, the frames have a three-point fit that holds them in place. If you want to reduce glare, choose the iridium lens coating, which also balances light. When you want to show that you cannot be restrained by fashion, choose Oakley Straight Jacket sunglasses from the vast inventory on eBay.