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About Oakley Split Jackets

You need a pair of sunglasses that is up to the challenge of your lifestyle, whether you are hitting the beach, driving with the windows down, or hiking up a mountain. Oakley split jackets are designed to look and perform the part. Oakley designs sunglasses with active lifestyles in mind, from athletes to thrill seekers. The Oakley split jacket frame is designed to comfortably and securely fit the face. The frames are durable and stress-resistant, while they are also light enough to be suitable for all-day wear. The frames are also designed to allow for the easy exchange of lenses. This allows you to go from darkly tinted lenses to lighter polarized lenses if you desire. Oakley split jackets are designed to make it easier than ever to exchange lenses using their Switchlock technology. If you would like to have different colored lenses for every day of the week, you can do this using a single glasses frame. The vast inventory on eBay contains numerous frames and lenses from Oakley, providing you many high-performance and stylish options.