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About Oakley Shirts

Mark Twain, known for his notable sayings, is supposed to have once said, "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." Whether or not Twain said those exact words, clothes make a statement, and an Oakley shirt makes a major statement. The company has specialized in performance-based apparel and gear since its founding in 1975, and holds over 600 patents for eyewear, materials, and performance gear. While Oakley started in motocross gear, you can buy a new or gently used golf shirt and dress shirt that carries the distinctive brand from reliable eBay sellers. The brand is associated with an active lifestyle and enthusiasm for sports, from golf to motorsports and more, for both men and women. If the clothes make the man—and the brand you choose reflects on the person you are—then choosing a brand known for performance and an active lifestyle gives you the look you want, as well as giving you clothing that stands up to even your most vigorous hobbies. Wear your new Oakley shirt, and make your friends jealous with the admired logo.