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About Oakley Romeo

Wherefore art thou, precious sunglasses? When you lose your shades, consider replacing them with a handsome pair of Oakley Romeo sunglasses. They have a wraparound design that increases eye protection and hugs the contours of the face. The first generation of men's Oakley Romeo sunglasses feature a revolutionary lightweight blend of superheated metals. The adjustable metal frame has flex couplers and interchangeable nose pads that offer a secure fit. Vintage Romeo 1.0 Michael Jordan sunglasses are one of the rarest shades around. Introduced in 1997, they have black iridium lenses for a sleek look and trademark Jordan red ear pads. The second generation, Romeo 2.0, features ultra-lightweight titanium alloys that reduce the weight by a massive 20 percent to maximize comfort. You can find replacement lenses with a permanent coating that prevents moisture build-up from sweat or rain, as well as repelling natural oils from your fingers. This makes the lenses easy to clean and they stay smudge free so you have clear vision. Regardless of whether you want vintage shades for your collection or a pair that makes you look cool at a club, you can find the ideal Oakley Romeo sunglasses in the vast inventory on eBay.