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About Oakley Replacement Lenses

Unlike some sunglasses, in which the lenses are cheap and can crack or pop out of the frames easily, Oakley lenses are made of Plutonite in order to protect your eyes from harmful light and glare. However, sometimes even these lenses can experience damage, in which case you need Oakley replacement lenses. Lenses from this brand boast up to six curves, improving your peripheral vision while you wear them. If you happen to own a pair of Antix, then Oakley Antix replacement lenses are a necessity. Polarized in order to keep glare out of your eyes, these non-mirrored lenses come in several hues, including black, yellow, brown, and transparent. Oakley Gascan replacement lenses are ideal for Gascan sunglasses owners. These mirrored lenses still include Plutonite and are polarized, but they are also impact-resistant in case you are especially active while wearing them. Choose from colors like brown, red, yellow, and blue lenses for these shades. You can find both Antix and Gascan Oakley replacement lenses by searching the vast inventory on eBay. With replacement lenses, you can extend the lifespan of your Oakley sunglasses.