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About Oakley Radarlock

You are an active athlete who runs, jumps, lunges, and swivels in any and all conditions, be it on the slopes or on your daily run. With a pair of Oakley Radarlock sunglasses, you get active eyewear that literally changes to adapt to whatever sport you are taking on that day. Thanks to Oakley's patented Switchlock technology, you can change the lenses on the Oakley Radarlock frame as needed. There are a number of lens shapes and technologies to consider. Vented lenses provide the cool relief of airflow during exercise, while the unvented Path style provides full coverage of your peripheral vision. You can also choose from a variety of lens filter technologies including Iridium, which gives you the best view of your surroundings by balancing light transmission, and HD Polarized tech, which filters out most of the glare in your field of vision without distorting your view. Plus, all Oakley Radarlock lens options come with the heightened clarity and reliable impact resistance of Oakley High Definition Optics technology, as well. To find your next favorite pair of sports sunglasses, look through the large inventory of Oakley Radarlock products on eBay.