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About Oakley Racing Jacket

Whether you are charging down an incline on a mountain bike or tackling a black diamond on the slopes, you need a pair of sunglasses that match the assertive attitude you take into your sports and outdoor adventures. Oakley Racing Jacket sunglasses feature the company's Three-Point fit design, giving you a comfortable fit that nonetheless manages to keep a secure grip for optimal visual alignment. The seamless design on these Oakley Racing Jacket sunglasses also comes with Unobtanium on the arms, a material that actually manages to get a stronger grip on you the more that you sweat. The Switchlock technology on these sunglasses also means that you can switch out your lenses as needed. Oakley HD Polarized lenses cut the glare on the bright white of the slopes, for example, but you may opt for Iridium lenses to balance the light and give you the clearest picture of the terrain around you when playing ball or riding a bike. Whether you want a pair in pristine white or some black matte Oakley Racing Jacket sunglasses, you can find your perfect pair by exploring the vast inventory of options on eBay.