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About Oakley Plaintiff

When all you are wearing is swimwear, you do not want to be weighed down by clunky, heavy sunglasses. Oakley Plaintiff shades feel as light as a feather. The alloy frame comprises five metal compounds superheated to offer supreme durability. You never have to worry about bending these sunglasses out of shape as their Mono Shock hinges hyper-flex before returning to normal. You also see clearly in all settings because the lenses provide a sharp view without distortion due to the high-definition optics that stop light from bending before it enters your eyes. There are several styles of Plaintiffs available, including Oakley Plaintiff Squared, inspired by the 1950s but with a contemporary design. Each ear stem comes with a color-filled channel and the hue is unique to each model, helping you to stand out on a crowded beach. These shades only make contact with three locations on your head, offering tremendous comfort all day. For exceptionally light, strong sunglasses with polarized lenses that give you a clear view, search the large inventory on eBay for Oakley Plaintiff shades.