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About Oakley Oil Rig

Your friends call you a Martian because you are tall and have a large face. Well, with a pair of Oakley Oil Rig sunglasses, you can look the part and look cool doing so. With an O-Matter frame, single Plutonite lens, and steel hinge, the Oil Rig is not only durable, but also follows the contour of the face to fully wrap around the eyes. For added stretch and strength, you should choose a pair of Oakley Oil Rig polarized sunglasses. The specially coated polarized lens of the Oil Rig blocks all UV rays, as well as harmful blue light. The Oil Rig also has the same wrap-around single lens construction. Its integrated dual-action CAM hinges provide the kind of reinforced flex that will protect the Oakley Oil Rig lens when you drop the glasses. Ready to look cool and alien? Find a pair of Oakley Oil Rig sunglasses among the wide selection of sport and fashionable eyewear available on eBay.