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About Oakley M Frame Lens

There are sports sunglasses and then there are optimally designed, multi-faceted, exceptionally engineered sunglasses that make you a better athlete. With the right Oakley M Frame lens set in your M Frame glasses, that is not an exaggeration. With Oakley's technology, your sports sunglasses become key accessories in your arsenal as essential to your performance as your sneakers or gear. As with many Oakley sunglasses, the M Frame allows you to switch out your Oakley M Frame lenses so that you get an optimal field of vision for your particular sport. Oakley offers a variety of technologies in these lenses, including HDPolarized technology, which filters out glare without distorting your line of sight, and Iridium, which balances light transmission for the clearest picture. You can also choose from an array of colors, including the bold fiery red of the Oakley M Frame Fire lens. Find anything from an Oakley M Frame Strike lens with protected peripheral vision to a vented lens that lets your face breathe by exploring the large inventory of options on eBay.