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About Oakley Jupiter

While some sunglasses are happy just being pretty, Oakley Jupiter sunglasses have looks and substance to boot. With Oakley's innovative technology at their core, these sunglasses deliver comfort, all-day wear, and definitive eye protection. The O Matter frame and three-point fit on Oakley Jupiter Squared glasses distributes the weight of the frame evenly so that you do not get the red marks you usually get when wearing sunglasses all day. The earstems feature Unobtanium, meaning that these glasses actually hold on harder the more that you sweat. You can select from an array of Oakley Jupiter lenses. Every set of lenses comes with Plutonite technology that filters out many of the harmful rays in sunlight. You can also choose Jupiters with HD Polarized lenses for reduced glare or Iridium lenses for balanced light transmission. Color choices include neutral blacks, blues, ambers, and an array of additional shades. To find your ideal pair of Oakley Jupiter sunglasses, explore all of your options in the large inventory on eBay, including limited editions such as the Scuderia Ferrari Oakley Jupiter Carbon.