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About Oakley Fuel Cells

The Oakley Fuel Cell range of sunglasses look brash and cool whether you are heading for the start grid of a Formula 1 race, leaving your trailer on the set of an action movie, or heading to the store to pick up some milk. They are first of all defined by their style, which is hard, chunky and angular. The Oakley Fuel Cell features polarized lenses to protect your eyes from all UVA, UVB and UVC rays. The lenses are made to fit in perfectly with the continuous, flowing lines of the design. They are also curved, so they offer good side protection from the sun. While the frame itself is built with stress-resistant material for comfort and durability, its design helps shield your eyes too. These sunglasses are built to perform as well as to be noticed, and they are available from a vast inventory on eBay. They are a stylish mix of art, mechanically influenced design, and technology. It is no wonder race car drivers like them.