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About Oakley Fives Squared

Dangerous UV rays cause a host of problems, including skin cancer, but at least it is easy to protect your eyes from the electromagnetic radiation. With Oakley Fives Squared sunglasses, safeguarding your eyes is the top priority, but the company also goes all out to make sure you look cool doing it. Not only do the glasses filter out all UV rays, they also feature tapered architecture that gives you side protection from the sun and wind. The lens curvature allows for extended peripheral vision enhanced with XYZ Optics to give you a crisp view, regardless of the viewing angle. In addition to the special optics, the sunglasses include polarized lenses to eliminate any glare, making them a great choice for athletes, mountain bikers, outdoorsmen, and anyone else who needs premium color clarity and visual contrast. The frames are lightweight, crafted with durable hinge mechanisms, and snug, yet comfortable nose pads. Accidents happen, and if you scratch or crack your lenses on one of your adventures, replacement lenses are available. Oakley Fives Squared sunglasses and lenses are available in a variety of colors among the large inventory on eBay.