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About Oakley Ear Socks

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, then sunglasses are likely something you wear often, either out of necessity or simply for style purposes. Sometimes though, sunglasses can slip or be a little uncomfortable, which is where Oakley ear socks come in. These are small tubes that slip over the temples of your sunglasses to make them easier to wear and to keep them from slipping when you sweat or get the glasses wet. Oakley black ear socks work well with any color sunglasses, either black or in other colors. After some use, you may find that the ear jackets start to show signs of wear. In that case, Oakley replacement ear socks are easy to install. You simply work the tubes down the temple of the glasses until you can pull them off. To put the new Oakley ear socks on, it can help to wet them slightly so that they work up the temple a little easier. With the wide range of styles available from the sellers on eBay, you can find ear jackets for any size or style of sunglasses.