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About Oakley Crosshair

You are a man of mystery, a man of daring, a man of skill and purpose with a dash of danger. This is what a premium pair of Oakley Crosshair sunglasses says about you. Like any good men's accessory, Crosshairs balance style with functionality. You can adjust the air-filled nose pads so that they rest securely on your nose. The soft rubber earsocks on the slender frames not only protect your ears from chafing, they also have improved grip when wet. Crosshairs stay put while you work up a sweat, freeing you from constantly pushing them into place. The Oakley Titanium Crosshair style features an ultra lightweight frame made of tough titanium alloy. Because of their airy lightness, the style is ideal for more aggressive outdoor activities. Every Crosshair style comes with polarized, teardrop lenses. The shape of Oakley Crosshair lenses, which are replaceable, gives you front-to-side coverage. Polarization cuts glare, boosts contrast, and improves your depth perception, which is particularly handy for fishing or boating. Rather than being blinded by glinting sunlight, through polarized lenses, you can see down into the watery world below. The overall look of these sunglasses is rugged yet refined. A pair of Crosshairs fits as well with climbing gear and a backpack as it does with a suit and briefcase. These are the only sunglasses a mountain man with a full-time office job needs. Find the pair that works for you from the vast inventory of Oakley Crosshair sunglasses available on eBay.