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About Oakley Batwolf

If you ever imagined what would happen if a bat married a wolf, Oakley has made it a reality with Oakley Batwolf sunglasses. The sunglasses have captured the best bat-like qualities, such as Plutonite lens, which allows the Oakley Batwolf to block all UVA, UVB, and UVC light. On the other hand, it also features wolf-like characteristics, such as providing optimal sharpness for wearers through Polaric Ellipsoid geometry, which optimizes the lenses for all eyes. Clear lenses provide baseline protection to your eyes, while still offering stylish benefits. This model from Oakley is also available with the signature Oakley polarized lenses, which many claim are the best on earth because of their ability to block 99 percent of glare. To find the best model for your eyes, check on eBay, where you can enjoy convenient shipping options. In no time, you can be prepared to protect your eyes from the most viscous rays from the sun while providing you a stealthy, stylish look to rock while walking through the park, hiking in the mountains, or enjoying the day on the deck eating hot dogs while wearing your "Kiss the cook" apron.