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About Oakley Antix

True athletes know that a glint of sun in the eyes can be the difference between winning and losing. Oakley Antix sunglasses have polarized lenses that filter out 99 percent of reflected glare, ensuring that you have a clear view when you need it most. The durable, lightweight frame features assertive angles that offer a clean line to combine street style with sophistication. The single lens is a continuous piece of pure Plutonite with high-definition optics that provide a high level of visual clarity. The lens comes in several hues that all have different beneficial qualities. A black iridium lens reduces glare and allows you to see true colors even in the brightest sunshine, while a dark bronze lens enhances visual contrast. The lens also eliminates distortion and haze. Antix shades only touch three points on your face for perfect optical alignment, making them perfect for all-day wear. With 100 percent UV filtering, the sun's harmful rays do not damage your eyes. Competitive athletes and lovers of cool style can find Oakley Antix sunglasses in the large inventory on eBay.